semiotic theory; discursive analysis; Indigeneity and decolonization; intertextuality; the politics of knowledge production and exchange; ethnographic practice; field methodologies


As instructor of record

  • Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (Undergraduate, UBC)
  • Self, Culture, Society-3 (Undergraduate, University of Chicago)

As teaching assistant

  • Ethnographic Methods (Graduate, University of Chicago)
  • Language in Culture (Mixed level, University of Chicago)
  • Self, Culture, Society- 1, 2, 3 (Undergraduate, University of Chicago)


I have designed a number of syllabi inspired by my ongoing research projects. Click on the course title for a description.

Courses I am dreaming up include:

  • Whorf and Beyond: Linguistic worlds and structures
  • Language and Landscape
  • The Politics of “Re-” processes (revitalization, reconciliation, repatriation)
  • Intertextuality and Interdiscursivity
  • Engendering Indigenous Resistance