Out and Available
  • 2017. “Dialogic Discourses of French and English in Acadie”. Linguistic Minorities and Society, (8) 6-18.
  • 2017. (with Jane Anderson and Justin Richland) “Labeling Knowledge: The semiotics of immaterial cultural property and the production of new Indigenous publics”, In Engaging Native Publics, ed. Paul Kroskrity, Barbra Meek, 184-204.
  • 2019. Review of Vélez-Ibáñez, Carlos G., Hegemonies of Language and Their Discontents: The Southwest North American Region Since 1540. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. 2017. Pp. 352. Language in Society, 798-799.
  • 2019.  Notes on the expression of ‘knowledge’ in two Hopi dialects. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, PA.
In the works
  • I recently submitted revisions for an article about the way in which Hopi tribal members resist efforts from without to extractively recontextualize the language.
  • In preparation. Notes on paradigms of possessive constructions in different Hopi dialects. To be deposited at the Whatcom Museum Archives, Bellingham, WA.
In Brainstorm Stage
  • I am working on a manuscript that discusses Benjamin Lee Whorf’s insights into the relationship between language structure and categorization. It draws on textual data involving one speaker codeswitching between Hopi and English using several temporal expressions.
  • I am also preparing a piece addressed to a wider audience that suggests that popular invocations of linguistic diversity are sometimes predicated on a narrow view of language.

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